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學校簡介 / 2014-01-21 / 點閱數: 4988

History and Development of Chung Zhen Primary School

September, 1956. School was founded and named, “ Chung Zhen National School ”

September, 1960. Established private kindergarten school, two classes.

August, 1961. Established an affiliate school, Cian Shih 。

August, 1963. Cian Shih School became independent and was named Chung Siao Primary School 。

August, 1965. Established an affiliate school Sin-Yi 。

August, 1968. Affiliate Sin-Yi School separated to become Sin-Yi Primary School 。

August, 1968. School’s name was changed to Chung Zhen Primary School 。

October, 1973. Set up two classes for ‘light to severe mentally retarded children’。

August, 1975. Set up a Fine Arts Education Experimental Class 。

August, 1985. Changed ‘light to severe mental disability class’ to ‘Moderate to Severe Mental Retardation class’ and ‘Light Mental Retardation Class’

August, 1988. Changed the named of ‘Fine Arts Education Experimental Class’ to ‘Fine Arts Education Class’。

August, 1989. Approved and set up four kindergarten classes 。

September, 1995. Approved and prepared to construct and establish Chung Yuan affiliate school 。

April, 1996. Held a large scale Sports Meet to celebrate the school’s 40th year 。

August, 1999. Newly built Activity Center and Lunch Kitchen 。

August, 2000. Affiliate school accepted new students for first grade, two classes 。

August, 2001. Affiliate school accepted first grade students, two classes 。

August, 2002. Again, affiliate school accepted first grade students, two classes 。( This time, it had two classes each from Grade 1 to Grade 3 )

August, 2003. Again, affiliate school accepted first grade students, two classes 。( This time, the school had two classes of each from Grade 1 to Grade 4 )

August, 2005.  Chung Yuan affiliate school becomes an independent school called ‘Chung Yuan Primary School’。

Now, Chung Zhen Primary School has 45 regular classes and 1 special education class





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